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Midland's New and Improved Complaint

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I came across this recently. It looks like Midland has started to file suits late last year using in-house counsel based in NYC. They are still using their normal stable of DC/attorney's on other cases.


I thought everyone would get a laugh at how their in-house counsel starts off a complaint.  :ROFLMAO2:





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Great. How about a new and improved motion to strike for including irrelevant, impertinent material? This is supposed to be a complaint. If they want to advertise, take out an ad in a newspaper. Although it might be fun to go off on that tangent, and produce a few hundred lawsuits that have been filed against them to show how nice they are in their daily practices. After all, they opened the door. Let's drive a truck through it. Bet it's those idiot lawyers in Albany that did this.

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As Billy Mayes would say,  “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!” xtvx


The defendant has filed a motion to dismiss due to improper service. The process server in their affidavit said that they served the wife who refused to give her first name and that she said her husband was not in the military. In his motion to dismiss, the defendant writes:


Indeed, it is highly improbable for someone who is reported by a process server as refusing to provide their first name, to engage in a conversation about their spouse’s military service with that process server.


If I’m not mistaken, in another case, the same process server submitted a picture of the defendant’s house as part of their proof of service. In that case, in the MTD, the defendant poses a rhetorical question,"...if the process server had indeed handed the papers to someone at the residence as they claimed, why didn’t they take a picture of the person answering the door?"


The heck with going to my court house to see a few trials should my case ever get to that. :commute: ROAD TRIP to White Plains NY. They seem to get all of the great cases!   xpopcornx

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eeeeeewwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeee. I cannot believe the court would allow irrelevant matter into a complaint


Defendant: Move to Strike irrelevant crap your honor.

The Court: The first three paragraphs or the whole thing?

Defendant: Whole thing

Midland: Objection! this is not crap this is our way to negotiate settle ment Don Corleone style without being a bully.

The Court: Maybe the summons is engraved on a gun?

The Court: Move to strike granted with leave to amend within 10 days.

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