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Newly discovered evidence.

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This post may be lengthy sorry.

I have posted numerous judgments and liens that were obtained against me while on active duty.


I was at my fathers house a few days ago gathering legal docs and insurance policies for my father to put in a safe deposit box.


I came across his chapter 7 case. I got to reading it and reviewing things and found some very interesting things.


I have 9 judgment debtors i am fighting in court. My father and I both were on title to my house. So these collection agencies that got judgments against me filed liens on my house. When they discovered that my father was on the title they sued him also. Father never told me, he said i had enough to deal with. Father was found wholly and severally liable.


So when he filed chapter 7 all those judgments that were attached to my father and me by right of title to my house were discharged in his chapter 7. father did not tell me that this happened, I gave him power of attorney while I was gone, so he signed everything for me.


So now I have continued collection activity by all these debt collectors for debts that were discharged. Wait until i go to my next court dates with these idiots. I have five meet and confer next month. They want me to answer to wages etc. They know i am disabled vet and I have given them the paper work, but every 6 months they still drag me into court to answer as to wages etc etc. Wait until I slap the bk discharge in their faces.


There is no bk on my credit so that helps. The Gunny was getting ready to throw in the towel as they were wearing me down. But the Gunny has a fresh supply of beans and bullets, Just like general Patton when he got our boys out of Bastogne, freshly supplied and on the move, I will engage more enemy units and inflict more casualties than any one unit has ever seen in combat.


They cannot argue that they had no idea of the bk because they are ALL listed as defendants and I have service notices on ALL of them.

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There is no bk on my credit so that helps.


Why not, if your name is on it? I never heard of people filing joint BK unless they were married, is this permissible?


11 U.S.C. 302(a). A joint case under a chapter of this title is commenced by the filing with the bankruptcy court of a single petition under such chapter by an individual that may be a debtor under such chapter and such individual’s spouse.

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