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I made a stupid mistake when i filed my answer....

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When I filed my answer with the clerks office, it included a list of my affirmative defenses which were numbered. My answer was filed March 1st. Since then, I have also filed my request for production of documents to the plaintiff which has been received per certified mail tracking info.

I'm on this board daily trying to learn everything I can and this morning was reading a thread on affirmative defenses. I pulled out my copy that was filed with the court and noticed I made a stupid mistake and I need to know if it's a "bad" one.

My affirmative defenses were numbered and formatted like this:


First Affirmative Defense: I then listed affirmative defense

Second Affirmative Defense: listed defense


Second Affirmative Defense: listed defense (this is where I messed up; i listed this one as "second" again


Third Affirmative Defense: listed defense


So...althought I have a total of "7" affirmative defense defined and explained, it only states "first thru sixth" because I used "second" twice.  Such a stupid mistake and I cannot believe that after proof-reading my answers 10x before submitting I didn't notice this!


Is this a big deal? Even though they are numbered wrong, it clearly lists and defines "7" affirmative defenses.


I'm embarrassed to even post this! Thanks for your suggestions

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Don't be embarrassed ........... everyone make a typo now and then ......... it's inevitable.

This is a completely harmless error and will probably not even be noticed or commented on.

If it is noticed ......... and someone makes a stink about it .......... I'm sure that the court will allow you to correct it.

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