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Receiving Debt Notices for Relative

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Obviously I have my own problems with creditors and debts, but it would seem that a creditor has started to send letters addressed to my sister with my address - and this is disturbing because I have virtually no financial connection to my sister. We haven't lived in the same residence since.... probably the mid-90s when we were both at home. She even has a different last name - we've both changed our last names (mine I changed for vanity reasons, my sister because she got married).


She has NEVER lived at my address or even anywhere close to it. But now I've received a few letters addressed to her (within the span of a few days) suggesting that she owes money to a university.


I could probably just send her these letters (I opened them without really looking at the addressee since I don't normally get mail that has been mislabeled, but is there anything I can do here to help her?


The verbiage in these letters is the general "we're gonna sue you, you toothless loser" type garbage, but since I've gotten two letters in as many days (one from a law firm in the middle of the country somewhere and a second from a local law firm that's about 15 miles away), I am concerned they're gonna try to sue my sister.


Yes, I realize that it's "her" problem, but this sort of crap really pisses me off and I'd like to head this off at the pass before any sort of legal action is taken.


The case I've been involved with has been horrible and it is an experience I wish on no one. I'd like to help my sister before anything gets that bad.


Any suggestions or should I just send these letters to her? (she lives nowhere near me and I only see her during the holidays)

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The only thing you can do is send them a Cease and Desist letter pointing out that no one by that name lives at your address.  This will force them to keep looking for her.


Technically, they have violated the FDCPA by telling you, a third party, about her debt...but...technically, you've committed a felony by opening mail addressed to someone else.

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