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4 charge offs unsure who to contact on 2


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hello all, I have been reading the forums everyday for the past week and am still confused.

I have 4 credit card charge offs. All have occured within the past 13 months. I want to get rid of them from my cr as soon as possible. I plan on buying a car in the fall. Sept/oct.


If anyone can help me it'd be great. thank you. I am in california,these are my charge offs:


Chase card account which is with mrs. I sent them a letter offering to settle and remove the listing from my report. They reponded offering a higher amount but nothing about removing the listing from my report. I haven't responded yet.


The same thing also happened with another account. I had a sears/citi mastercard. It's with Client services and I wrote to them offering a settlement and removing it from my report. They too responded only to the $ not the removing it from my report.


I've been reading on here to only deal with the oc when it comes to removing it from the report. So do I write the ocs and try to settle with them instead?


I had a card with sterling jewelers inc. It's been charged off on my cr for a few months. I started receiving calls from Glass mountain Capital 2 weeks ago. They never sent a letter so I emailed asking for a letter because I had no idea why they were calling. I'm guessing I can still settle with sterling since the letter states Glass mountain has been contracted by sterling. So i'm thinking of contacting sterling and attempting to settle and have the listing removed from my cr. I only answered one call from glass mountain and soon hung up as the woman kept asking well are you planning on paying what you owe?I didn't respond and hung up.

After I sent a cease and desist for calling. Before I sent that, they called 3 times on 3 separate days before 8am. And not at 7:59am. It was 7:15am,7:35,and 7:49am. Should I file a complaint against them?  The letter clearly states in california they can't call before 8am.


My last card is still with the oc so i'm going to try to settle with them.

Is it possible to get all of this cleared up before september/october? Thank you for any responses!

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