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Disputed two tradelines with CRA via CMRRR - and they didn't respond within 30 days :)

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Hey all, 


So I disputed a couple of tradelines with a CRA via CMRRR... and long story short, the CRA never sent a letter to me :-)

I've already drafted a letter to them stating that they are in violation of the FCRA and that they must remove the TLs, but

I guess my concern is do they send their replies certified mail or regular mail? What would stop them from just stating that "the mail must have lost it but we sent it?" because I never got it, and I know what b***ards these people can be... Any advice?


What's to stop them from sending it like, a year from now and just putting some random date on it?

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same issue on my end, have 2 accounts with first data, first data sent me a letter saying they requested all 3 cra to delete, and i forwarded that same exact letter to all 3 CRA and they havent deleted, what can i do now, this is seriously impacting my score, its a fresh acct so i know the impact it has is great, any help is appreciated

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Quick question.  I recently sent out six debt verification letters on 10/8 via CM but not CMRRR, as I wasn't aware at the time, that was the proper protocol.


Is it pointless to wait or should I resend letters via CMRRR?  When I checked the tracking numbers, all six were delivered.

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