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who's going to give me the top dollar on plastic

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good morning


about me


I have several store card


I have a citi bank master card threw sears with a 400 limit


I have the wal mart discover with a 700 limit


my home depot card ( that I have never used) for some reason is a 2000 limit


typically really this is all the credit I need so I have not really applied for a card in awhile


But Now I am thinkikng I would like to get a singel visa or MC with a higher limit


I have two trips coming up in april and may . for what if's and or emergancy cash a 1000 ,iles from home it would be nice


to have a card with more funds then my present limits


my credit score is 720ish all in good standing , my debt to income ratio is next to none I problaby am

200 dollars in debt


I have been a BOA customer for about 6 years in good standing .. I was thinking about getting or applying for there card


well thats the jist of it //


any input would be great

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The on;y "good" store cards do is increase your "available credit" portion of your "sucker score"...the one tthat bottom feeding CCs like Crap 1 use to predict who they can make money from.  The "sucker score" also includes a ""utilization" factor...they want you tpo carry a balance and pay them interest.


You don't need them....particurlay7 if they charge you a yearly  fee..

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