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hello all,


i am new to the site but have been reading quite a bit about the whole process of rebuilding my credit. i plan on starting with geting the CA's to validate a few seperate accounts. i began to type up a few letters using your templates on the site but also have a two questions i cant seem to find answers to after a few hours of scouring the forum......


1. the accounts reporting on my 3 bureau report through creditreport.com do not provide full account numbers. the last four digits arent present . they appear like this 1234567XXXX. when providing account numbers to the CA in my validation letter is it acceptable to use the number missing the last four? if not how do i obtain the full account numbers?


2. some accounts appear on 1, 2 or all 3 CA reports. do i send validation letters to each CA for the same accounts? 


i truly appreciate everyone that contributes to this site. i plan on informing myself as much as possible with this site and other resources. i hope that i can help others in the same situation in time. thanks again in advance



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Just make the dispute with the account number provided.  They can figure out which tradeline with that info as long as they know whose tradeline.


Validation letters are sent to debt collectors within the 30 days of first communications.  With the CRAs you do a dispute and they do the verification with the creditor (or at least they are supposed to).


Way up at the top of these pages, see the rows of links that begin with "Home"?  The other links are the ones to be reading to get started.

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You can acquire the full account numbers from the original creditor by calling them and asking them to verify your account number. However, they generally only have the last 4 numbers. When you request a credit report, it will list all of the numbers of the account, except the last 4, and you match them up. It may not be the same for every creditor, however.


With regard to a DV, I wouldn't give the CA the OC account number. I'd instead ask them what their account number for me is, which they can provide with my name, SS#, etc. It's their job to have the account numbers in order with regard to the original debt. Don't make their job easier.

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