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Discovery Help (Admissions & Interrogatories & Document Requests...Oh MY)

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In an attempt to clean up the mess I seem to be making of this place, I'm consolidating my 2 active threads!! :-)


To summarize, I'm trying figure out what exactly I should be performing right now.....Interrogatories, Admissions or a Document request, or both, or all of the above.


Ive already performed and received my 26.1 Disclosure statement from Asset. All they provided was:


1. Assignment and Bill of Sale (No details on warranties or accuracy mentioned, very vanilla)

2. An Asset created bulk account sale document listing me and my info

3. A copy of an unreadable check for the amount in question. I believe this is a personal loan....NOT a CC account as they keep referring to it. (that shows cashed after the "not valid after date")

4. An HSBC privacy document (huh?)


Nothing else regarding this matter was provided, other than an affidavit saying that Assets records are correct and accurate. They're claiming Breach of Contract and Unjust Enrichment.....still.


My next step was to perform a request for documents for items such as a contract/application, charge slips, etc, etc. It's basically the one posted/used by several other members here. But, since none of it was provided in Disclosure where they're supposed to present it, I figured I'd go with admissions and make them admit/deny they have what they didn't provide. If they don't provide it and throw it out in court, I can object to it.


The two threads I'm consolidating (listed below) are pretty much guiding me on what and how I should be doing things. I have till mid may and want to optimize my time doing what will be most effective.





For those helping in my other threads, feel free to post your reply's here! :o) And thanks again for all the help and guidance you've provided!!!!!

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