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Sent Hunt & Henriques BOP, got no reply

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Hi. It's been over the 15 days h&h had to reply to my BOP. I sent it CMRR with the signed document signed by someone else stating that it was sent. I received the postcard back that they received it, but nothing else.

Is that odd that they didn't reply at all?

What's my next step?


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H&H can be very disorganized.

Send off a Meet and confer letter to H&H (with CMRR) regarding their lack of response.

Calawyer has a great thread about BOP, the follow up meet and confer and and filing a MTC (motion to compel them to do it).


A little FYI about calawyer, he is a real California lawyer.

If you follow his threads, you will find great, solid info on laws and strategies specific to CA.

You might also study some other posters:



Skippy 1960



ASTMedic has a great thread "How I beat Midland in CA"

Cotfan has a must read on "Standing"

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Yes I agree w/beingchased. I won against H&H for Midland after 4mos into it due to their sloppiness and the strategy I used - bombarding them w/bop request, followed by tons of m&c for BOP, then discovery, then m&c for discovery, then back to m&c for bop next thing you know they missed a deadline.


so yes their sloppy and disorganized.

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