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30% settlement offer from discover, less than 14 mos left on SOL


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weighing options here. they are the OC obviously and have not ditched this debt yet even 3 years later.


seems that 30% is as low as dscover ever goes


will discover do pay-for-delete? 30% + a deleted tradeline isnt ridiculous


or should i just wait it out? im guessing at this point it may be best to wait to see if they sue, and if they do, then respond to the 30% offer....


they say it is limited time, but if they made the offer once, surely they should be willing to accept tht same settlement later.


debt is for less than $10K if they sued me i could potentially drive them into JAMS and cost them a lot of money...

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can you provide any details on how you beat the OC? sounds risky.



This is your last offer -probably- before it goes to a lawfirm, and you are then sued.


well this is the first time they offered 30% but i have been getting offers from CAs for well over a year, usually for 40%, but occasionally for a 'special limited time offer!' of 35%.


this was originally placed with Financial Recovery Services (nice rep). but more recently with Client Services, Inc (another winner).


As far as i know both of these merely collect, they dont buy debt, and Discover still owns it. missed the 30 day chance to DV them when Client Services took over in the last 6 mos., wish i would have

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