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Responded so late


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I just received the defenses and counterclaim of lawfirm in JAMS.

It is very late as it is due on the 5th.

I know I needed to write an objection.

But I need help on how to do in their affirmative defenses although I know that no answer is denied.

I am not familiar in some of those.

1. Failure to state a claim or cause in which relief may be granted.

2. Doctrine of waiver - since when did I waive my right?

3. Unclean hands

4. Equitable Estoppel

5. Accord and satisfaction

6. novation

7. Laches

8. Statute of Fraud - where did I commit fraud?

9. Statute of limitations - FDCPA is one year. Might just file in federal and mtc ARB.

10. Claimant damages if any were not causd by respondents

11. They are not party in the agreement.

Need help ASAP..thanks

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