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CA requesting I call at a ceartin time/date


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I received a letter from CAC Financial today regarding a debt with Walmart/Discover card.  The letter states:


Re: GE Capital Retail Bank/Walmart Discover Dual Card

Amt: 3442.95

File No:

Date: 4-3-2013

Time: 2:00pm


You are requested to call at the time indicated above to settle the debt to GE Capital Retail Bank/Walmart Discover Dual Card.


Important: Call toll free and the number


I did validate the debt. And I do owe it. I just can't really afford to pay the payments that they want. 

What can I expect from this phone call?  I most definately plan on recording it and letting them know that also.

The last time they called they wanted my husbands number and place of employement, but I don't give out that information.

On the payment coupon that came with the letter they are again requesting this information.


I'm really nervous about this call and really don't know what to expect.  If I don't make the call, would a law suit be next?


Also I live in California.

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If they don't have your numbers (I think you said they did), they will have you calling in on a certain phone number and a certain ext. Normally, these are phone traps that are set up by the JDB's so that they know who is calling and your phone number. Even if you try to block it, they have equipment in place to unblock your numbers.

I would stay off the phone and do all communication in writing using CMRRR. If dealing with a JDB, I would pay them nothing or take them to arbitration.

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They have your number since you were called.  They can call you if they want to.


Some things I have read is that if YOU call THEM about a settlement, even in a case where they request it, they may be able to use that against you at a later time. They may try to reset the SOL on that basis, for example.  In any case, unlike a call from them to you which could be about any topic, if you call them after they have asked to call about a settlement, they will interpret that to mean you have an interest in a settlement, and could insist that any other topic is out of bounds for the call.


I would not call them.  I would have a recorder connected in case they call.


Continue to not give out info.


A lawsuit could be next under any conditions.  But settlement negotiations over the phone are a terrible idea. Just don't do it.  If they call you, talk about things other than a settlement.


I very much doubt they reserved someone's time to wait for you to call.  It could very well be an automated system.

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Tell them to shove that appt date and time.   If they want to talk to you they will do it on your time.  I just had a federal court deposition and I made the other side come into their offices on a Saturday morning, on their day off, and depose me.   I said if you want to depose me that's the only time that works with my busy schedule.   My busy schedule being Fridays off and don't go into work until noon on the days I do work. 

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Without knowing the background of this debt, it's a bit hard to properly help you.   Did you simply stop paying Walmart because you ran out of money or did you try to negoiate lower payments with them?


How old is this debt and is this your first collection letter?


Does the letter state that Walmart/Discover is their client or does GAG own the debt totally now?

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I am sorry to inform you that on 3 April 2013 I will be unable to call you as I will be in Antarctica as part of the UN Meterological Team taking weather readings at Vostok Station on that day. You are free to send someone there to talk with me in person.



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