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How to prepare Case Management Statement?

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Hello Everyone-


I'm new to this forum and to this process of defending myself against credit card debt lawyers. I'm in need of major help and I'm asking for some here. Thanks in advance to the people that help me out in this process.


So I was served with a law suit from Asset Acceptance in Ventura County in California back in mid November 2012 for a $7k BofA credit card account. I submitted my answer before the deadline(thanks to a lot of helpful posts from this website). I had not done anything since, but just yesterday I found out that on April 10th, I have been schedule by the court to appear for the case management. I need to submit my case management statement ASAP as I believe I'm past the 15 days prior to appearance deadline. 


I've started to fill out form CM-110 but I'm really confused on what I'm suppose to write on 4a- Description of case and 4b- Provide a brief statement of the case. Can someone give me ideas? As I don't want to stick a foot in my mouth. 


Also the lawyer's Case management statement, which was sent to the wrong address(I did a change of address when I submitted my answer and delivered to the plaintiff),  checked number 19- Meet and Confer - the parties have met and conferred with all parties on all subjects required by rule 3.724 of the California Rules of Court. But I have not heard from them or ever contact them since they file the lawsuit. What should I do about this?


Thanks again to all and your help is greatly appreciated. 

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4a is where you list the causes of action, which are usually on the 1st page of the Plaintiff's complaint for damages (the document attached to the summons you were served with)

4b is a brief description of what the lawsuit is about.

From one of my cases:

4a. (check the box for complaint) Breach of Written Contract, Common Counts, Quantum Meruit - Reasonable Value

4b. Plaintiff alleges that they are owed $_________ by Defendant for an unpaid balance on a credit card issued by Plaintiff. Defendant contends that said amount is offset by damages for violations of Federal and California law, amongst other defenses.


As for the meet and confer, I have never, ever been contacted by opposing counsel for one; I just write that I was never contacted on my CM110.

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