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Letter from Capital One after Charge Off (I wonder their next move)


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 Your account works differently now that it's 7 payments behind and has charged off.


Dear Valued Client,

You need to know about important changes to your account now that it has charged off.

You are still responsible for paying the full balance on your account.


If we continue to send you statements, you will receive them quarterly instead of monthly. We may continue to report the status of your account to the CRs, unless prohibited by law. We will also report when your account is paid off.


Help is available. The changes to your account include new payment opportunities that may not have been available before. Please review these important changes.


1) Your account is charged off. This is a change in status from past due. You are still responsible for paying your full balance.


2)You won't be charged past due, overlimit, or membership fees.


3) You have new payment opportunities available to you now. For instance, we may be able to break your balance up into more manageable payments.



Please contact us at 1 800 xxx xxxx or our website capitalone.com/solutions to check your balance and make payments etc....



Your Solution Team





Alleged card balance is just under 2k, cap1 has been calling ever since at least 3 times a day except for Easter/Christmas/New Years day holidays. No messages are left (Linda from Cap1 used to way back at around 2-4months past due). About 2 months ago I answered one of the calls thinking it was NCO number and requested to not be bothered and to only write. Still no dunning letter came through. It must have been cap1 inhouse collections not an outside CA. I am wondering what's their next move. I haven't received any dunning letters from CA. Just statements and calls that go unanswered. Alleged account opened around 2009. I have been  circling the wagons for months now with a weekly scan of all cases on the docket in my local general sessions court.

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