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I received Post Judgement Interrogatories


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Hello everyone,


I was sued by Cach, LLC for a BoA CC account I had. They are currently garnishing my wages, and now I have received a first post judgement interrogatory from them. I just have a few questions to their questions:


1. They want the year, make, and model of my car. They also want my tag number and the lien holder. Why do they want the lien holder name? They can't take this car, because it isn't mine correct? Can they also put a lien on it?


2. They want my financial institution information with account numbers. I live from check to check and I assume they can only take a certain percentage of my check every payday. Can they then take the rest of my check when it hits my bank account?


3. They want a list of all the creditors I owe money to. They are already garnishing my wages, so how is this information relevant to them? 


I was trying to avoid bankruptcy, but its looking like it may be my only option.


Thanks for any and all help\responses.

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Debt collector smells blood in the water. You have a job an aren't exempt from garnishment (apparently). They found a consumer with some money, and they want it all.


And yes, once the balance of your pay check hits the bank, it may be subject to levy if it remains in there for more than a few days (depending upon your state law). 


It's hard to evade post-judgment discovery, and it can be pretty broad. And, the stakes for not answering have now gone up (i.e, contempt of court, etc.). If you're considering bankruptcy, you might want to look at chapter 13 first since you appear to have at least one secured loan.

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