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Modern Engineering Marvel


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So I saw this on another forum I frequent and I figure it would be a disservice to not share this.


This is quite possibly one of the best marvels of modern Engineering as we know it today. Anyone in the construction industry or building fields should take this up as a case study of what classic beauty, art, and functionality can be accomplished with modern day engineering tools and practices.



http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/showthread.php/146566-Build-to-Fail-Fail-to-Build.-What-is-this-I-don-t-even.....?s=fa64f3b3061d9962c0a5094d05361146'>Link for Engineering Marvel


Please pay special attention to pages 7 and 17, and watch the time-lapse videos of the construction in action.

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Being in the construction industry ......... this made my teeth ache.

I would hesitate to make a case study of the architecture involved in this build however, it does resemble some of the plans I've seen architects present to my clients.

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Wow, and I thought it was bad because I was too lazy to apply the extra coat of mud required to make everything just right on one of the corners when I remodeled my laundry room because it was going to be hidden by cabinets and a washing machine anyway. 


That thing is epic, and I'm wondering how long until it falls over.  Seriously, when looking at the "trusses," I'm amazed that anybody was willing to get up on the roof to nail down the OSB. 

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