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Redeemed Repo, GW, and Credit Reporting Trouble


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I have a redeemed repo on my TU CR that I don’t believe is reporting correctly.


Date updated: 10/05/2012

Last payment made: 10/05/2012

Payment received: $0

Pay status: Current; Paid or Paying as agreed

Date closed: 10/05/2012

High balance: $20,120 from 10/2010 to 3/2011; $20,210 from 06/2011 to 06/2011; $20,120 from 10/2012 to 10/2012

Remarks: Redeemed repo, closed


Obviously the high balance is wrong. The car was repo’d 12/2011. All fees and payments were made and the car was redeemed. Since then, all payments have been on time. But RPO is being shown from 12/2011-9/2012 with the exception of the last month 10/2012 which reads:


Balance: $0

Amount due: $330

Amount paid: $0

Past due: $0

Rating: OK


However, on my EXP CR the TL is reporting in good standing. The status says paid, closed/never late. The creditor’s statement says redeemed repo. I have been sending GW letters to the finance company. I can only assume my EXP CR was updated but somehow the TU CR got screwed up. I still have to check my EQ report. I have a letter from the finance company stating the account was paid in full as of 10/8/2012. I have the title and contract stamped paid. Any suggestions as to how I can have this TL removed or updated on my TU CR without affecting the EXP report?

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One thing to remember is that the bureaus don't talk to each other.  So what you say to TU won't get told to EX.  


That being said, I assume you already disputed the account as "not mine" with all three bureaus?  If so, then I would try "never late".  Then next is to point things out about the listing itself that are wrong.  Yes, and you need to send each letter CMRRR.  

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