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MTC from Plaintiff because of rogs I answered 2 years ago

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Heading back to court on Monday for a MTC hearing on the Interrogatories I answered 2 years ago with the Z-wick er clowns. They were sent with the complaint and when I served discovery on them at the same time, they refused to give me any statements, the account number or any other information other than "pay now" and "you owe us".  After they had sent me a few statements showing a beginning balance of around $10K and and ending balance of $10K, I answered the Interrogs again with the appropriate answers (i.e. neither admit or deny because of lack of information).


Now they state that I am participating in "debt protestor behavior" and they are asking the judge to compel me to answer the Interrogs for a THIRD time. 


Just because they don't get the answer they want....


Any advice?

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Well, If your like me you shred all your financial documents on the last day of the month, every month.  You cannot recall yesterday much less anything about said account.  You are a Horder, and part of your treatment has been to get rid of papers and such lying around, How can you provide the answers to the things they want when you have nothing to look back on? lol  Answer them again, but reword what you said.

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