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Small Victory


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Back in February my daughter wanted to order Proactiv. I went ahead call the company and order it. It did have a subscription to refill in 30 days unless you cancel, that I did. I recorded all phone communications to make sure they didn't screw me later on. So 30 days later bang, they charge my credit card, oh well ... so I call the cc and disputed the charge, the rep called proactive and the guy of proactive just plain lie about me canceling the day before and not 30 days before. All right I said then I gonna file a FTC complaint and an AG complaint with the recorded calls. I then went with Crap one rep and ask him what crap1 was gonna do since it was not an authorized charge and I got proof, he just said I got to return the item, sure I'm gonna spend 15+ dollars on returning a box I didn't request, nope, I'm stupid but no so much, so I told him to cancel the cc since he didn't care about his customers and It was me paying his wages not Proactiv. Card cancel then I filed the complaints and send crap1 a cmrr letter disputing the charges. A few days later they took the charge off, but then like a week later they added them again. So I call again and went through the same process only this time the Proactive rep "found" that I did cancel 30 days ago, and told me that they would send me a paper to send the box back. I immediately told him that if those papers did not have proof of delivery I would not send it back, since I could not verify that they got it, and they would charge me regardless, he try to dodge into it anyways but I was pretty firm, so he then said that he would do a return with the cc and send me the box, I told him fine, but for the records if the box get's lost by the post office etc. So all was solve, if I didn't have all recorded, filed the complaints, disputed the charges correctl, etc, I doubt they would have returned the 40 bucks, all with tactics I learned here! THANKS CIC!

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