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Affidavit of Complaint

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I was just served with an affadavit of complaint for medical collections.  The complaint does not have a lawyer listed nor any stipulations to answer.  How can I provide an answer to this?  It just says I am ordered to appear in small claims court on April 18th @ 2013.


I was served properly - for Nevada as the process server handed me the complaint.


Any advise would be great.  I have had a medical collector sue me before butit had several stipulations which I could anser and I was able to get it dismissed.




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In many states small claims court does not allow lawyers.  That may be why one is not listed.  You can go over to the clerks office and review the entire file and find out who filed and why.  Often small claims does not require stipulations either.  Once you know what the suit is about you can file for dismissal if appropriate.  If not it seems all you need to do is show for court.  I would not do that without reading the file first so that you are prepared for any argument they might make.

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