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A Thank You

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I read yesterday where it was posted I was banned.   I'm not sure if it was a cooling off period and I am not banned or if there is a glitch.   If it's a glitch and I am banned then I apologize as I do not want to disrupt the board.  


Not sure how long this post  will remain but I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of my friends on this board.   My personal email that many friends on this board have was packed shortly after it was reported that I was banned.   It was actually and onslaught of support and many shared stories of how I had helped them win.  One poster even said they are heading out of town to Disney Land and it's because of a JDB FDCPA settlement check on a case I helped him.


Again, thank you.  I mean that.  If I am not banned then let's get down to business as I will be winning against the other sides motion and I've got the law and precedent on my side, and I want to continue to help others and make friends.  


Thanks everybody and special thanks to:






Debt Zapper


That provided me support with legal references and tips on continuing to win.


Thank You


::BigGun:: ::BigGun::

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I, for one, hope it's not a glitch ....... you are a valuable resource on this board ........


Man ........ I wish people would get my user name right; it's not save-your; it's salve-wah

Savoir vs. Savior ......... pretty simple

Savior is some one who saves or a benefactor ....

Savoir is French for "to know" depending on the context in which it is used.

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You are back because the admins decided to give you one more chance.  You have been warned that this board is not about bad mouthing lawyers or judges and this is not your personal blog to advance your real or imagined adventures in the legal system.


You have sometimes provided valuable information that helps others...you have also posted comments that are out of place.


Be warned.  You will be watched.

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