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My situation with Midland Funding - in Maryland

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I just wanted to update about my case.  I live in Maryland.  I am going to court for my case that Midland Funding LLC filed against me for a credit card debt.


I contacted the Maryland Office of the Attorney General about Midland.  They referred me to the Department of Financial Regulations.  I spoke to someone there and they asked me to fax in a letter, telling them about the case and the situation, which I did. 


Today someone called me from the Maryland Commission of Financial Regulation, their Complaint Unit, and told me they were assigning my case to someone there to help me with my fight against Midland Funding.  YEAYY  I didn't expect this to happen.  I figured I was pretty much on my own. 


Apparently there have been a lot of complaints and problems in Maryland concerning Midland Funding, as I was told when I spoke to someone there. 


I am posting this because you may want to contact your state's Office of Attorney General and see what they tell you, what advice they can give you, and whether they can refer you to someone who can help you with these creeps. 


I will let you all know what happens as it goes along.  I don't know the extent in which this State Commission can help me, but at least they are willing to help.    I go to court on May 2nd.



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Carol .......... you seem to be a pretty smart person ......... please don't put your case completely in the hands of the commission and rely on them to fight your case for you. If you disregard time lines for filings and the commission is ineffectual or they take their good old sweet time to investigate........ you will end up with a judgment against you regardless if the commission takes action against Midland or not.


Like I said ........ you seem like you have a lot of common sense so maybe you already realize this but a lot of people look for an easy way out; just thought I'd warn you.



Work in conjunction with them? ......... yes.

Rely on them? ....... nope.

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When I click on the link it just takes me to a search engine page, Bruno.  Thank you for sending me this.  If you can please maybe resend the link I would sure appreciate it.  Thank you so much. 


I have some extra time.  I received a letter from the District Court that my case was rescheduled until June 21st. 


And thank you, to those who posted the link to Peter Holland's stuff.  Wow, it is great!


Thank you all.  I feel better just knowing that others are behind me, offering suggestions and help. 

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