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Question on what I can do about late charges and interest on a disputed cc.

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So in November I ordered 4 items from HSN.  I paid for them using my debit card.  When I was done with the transaction, the site asked me if I wanted to connect this order with my profile so I could track my order. I thought, oh yea, ok, so I hit yes, and logged in.


Apparently somehow by doing that, I also asked for them to give me a HSN credit card.  (I would not have asked, I do  not use credit cards anymore)  Anyway, My debit card was used, and they took the 330.00 from my checking with my debit card.  Along comes January, and I recieve a statement from HSN.  They have charges on it for the items I had ordered in november.  So I call HSN, and they tell me I ordered 8 hand held scanners. (I had ordered 4).  I told them, no I ordered 4, and paid for 4, and recieved only 4.  So they look into it, and apparantly, when I logged in to my profile, that somehow generated antoher order, because they sent 4 more---to my old address that I lived at 7 years ago.


I told them I never recieved the 2nd order, or I would return the items.  They said they didn't have them, and refused to refund my money.  So I disputed the charges with the HSN credit card, and told them as soon as we figured out where the 2nd order went, and I recieved credit for an order, they would be paid.  (HSN the company does not communicuate with HSN the credit card)  So HSN the company wouldn't do anything.  I had to put my own tracer on the packages, and found out they were returned to the post office closest to where they were mailed from, and from there, the trace ends.  so in essence they are in the dead letter office I guess.  So i fought with them on this, and they still refused to refund my money.


So finally in Feb. I disputed the charge on my debit card thru paypal, and paypal refunded my money. I had to wait for 45 days so HSN could not come back and dispute it.  In the mean time HSN credit card kept calling me.  And by calling me, I mean they would literaly call me 4-6 times a day.  I quit answering their phone calls because I would tell them each time the account was in dispute, and to contact HSN, or wait until it was resolved. They still called. 


Anyway after the 45 days had passed, I called HSN and told them I was going to log in online and pay the account for the original amount owed.  He got his supervisor, and the supervisor said ok great, we will dismiss the late and intrest fees.

So the phone calls stopped, but I just logged in and the account says I owe 140.00.  They also have reported to my CR negative info.  I just sent them a letter demanding they dismiss the charges, close the account, and take the neg. tag lines off my credit.  Should I do anything else? And if they don't do I have a recourse?


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Sounds like a potential FCRA case, also complaints to the FCC (they issue their license) the Florida AG Office, (they are HQ in St Petersburg) maybe an unfair trade practices claim, civil conspiracy, (they own the credit card franchise but deliberately don't talk to them? Willful blindness anyone?) also conspiring with their own division to attempt to commit fraud, statutory negligence, maybe a Truth in Lending violation for failure to properly disclose the terms of extended credit, a complaint to the CO Banking Commission (if there is one) if they are acting as a lender in your state, (they may require a license) and probably an FTC complaint. Some of this may not fly, but an ITS with a Complaint attached listing all these causes of action will get their attention. Don't use the state stuff as a cause, no private right of action. They may even cut you a check.

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