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My Two Year Case with Midland

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5 hours ago, CCRP626 said:

Arb was mentioned from the start but didn't seem to be pursued for whatever reason

Arbitration had a lot of resistance here when this case (and my own case, for that matter) first started.  Look at the description for the Arbitration subforum - there's a warning that arbitration is "unproven" and taking the advice there could lead to your peril.  This suggestion is laughable when compared to the 'stay in court' option.  If I'm not mistaken, there was at one time a prohibition on the word "arbitration" outside of the arbitration subform.

There are still some that think court is a better option.  For an OC on a $10,000+ debt this may be the case, but as has been shown over and over, it is not so for debt buyer lawsuits.  Now that us "court losers" know this we are steering people toward arbitration, but it wasn't until about a year ago that the general consensus started shifting to arbitration to dispose of debt buyer lawsuits.

I'm sure if Hot in AZ could turn back the hands of time she would use arbitration.  I know I would.

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Harry, You are exactly right.  I came in the beergoggle era and there were strict warnings against arb.  Also NAF was gone  and my agreement did not have JAMS>  And people on the forum were saying  that  the aaa arbitrators were pro creditor friendly.  I debated on that for awhile  but my main fear was if I lost in arb there was no appeal.   But you are so right , if I were to do it again I would choose arb!!  But that is knowing what we know now.  Then , there were not too many trailblazers..  Also by the way, I am not fond of this new forum,  but I guess I don't like change..

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