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Frederick J Hanna and Equable Ascent Financial

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This mess started back on September 26, 2012 when a summons was received from Frederick J Hanna and Plaintiff Equable Ascent Financial,LLC.


Answer to complaint filed on October 16, 2012.


Answered Plaintiffs Response for Production of Documents, Admission and Interrogatories within time allowed.


Sent Defendants Response for Production of Documents on 3/28/13.

Received answers 4/12/13. Copy of a general bill of sale and copies of credit card statements.


Also had received a letter from the Court about a Pre-Trial Conference scheduled for April 11, 2013.

Received letter in mail from Frederick Hanna which was faxed to judge requesting Pre Trial Conference be taken off courts calendar and further court dates would not be needed as they were preparing to file a motion for Summary Judgement.


My question: If answers were filed on Oct 16, 2012 to complaint, in GA doesn't the discovery process have six months from filing of answers to complaint?


Another question, if the discovery process is indeed 6 months and I filed my own Admission and Interrogatories to the Plaintiff today 4/15/13, do they have to answer since the discovery process six month period is up tomorrow?


Thank you for any insight.

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