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Frederick Hanna and Equable Ascent Financial LLC

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First thanks to the member "Savior" for telling me to post here.

I am new to this Forum but have been reading on it since this mess began on Sepetmber 26, 2012 when served with a summons by Frederick Hanna and Plaintiff Equable Ascent.


Never heard of them before and now they haunt my dreams or actually I should say "nightmares"!


Answer Complaint on October 16, 2012 and silly me thought this was over UNTIL in Novemeber when a rather fat enevelope arrived from once again from Frederick Hanna requesting Admission of Facts, Production of Documents and Notice to Produce and First Interrogatories.


Went on this forum and researched and answered all accordingly and sent Dec. 13, 2012.


Never heard a word until on March 19, 2013 received a letter in the mail from Clerk of Superior Court for Pre Trial Conference.

On March 29, 2012 sent a Request for Production of Documents and Notice to Produce to Plaintiff.


On April 4, 2012 received in the mail a copy of a letter from Hanna to the judge requesting the letter serve as a formal request to remove the case from aforementioned calendar as well a any other upcoming trial calendars as the Plaintiff is preparing to file a Motion for Summary Judgement.


So didn't attend the Pre Trial conference as work an hour away and if removed from calendar sitting there for naught.


The on Friday April 12, 2013 I received the answers to my Request for Production of Documets and Notice to Produce.  BIG FAT envelope full of objections, a general bill  of sale and credit card statements.


So today, April 15, 2013 filed Defendants Request for Admission of Facts and First Interrogatories.

Filed in the courthouse this morning and sent to Hanna by certified return receipt and regular mail.


Now after this long drawn out explanation my question: If the discovery process in GA is six months from the time the complaint is filed which was Oct 16, 2012 and I filed the Request for Admission and Interogatories today, will the Plaintiff have to answer within 30 days?


Or will they claim the six month discovery period has expired even though the Request were filed within the discovery period time? 


Another question, now what?  I do not want to sit by and let this company get the Summary Judgement when they haven't proven a thing.


Thanks for any information you can provide.  Before Sept 12 I never knew this Forum exsisted but has been the MOST helpful throught this ordeal.

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There are several wonderful consumer attorneys in the Metro Atlanta area.  HIRE ONE and he will fold and slink away.  He is a bottom feeder and even the AG in GA went after him.  




http://www.seconsumerlaw.com/?flcmp=AFL_YL_45_1039_T_1391033    FREE CONSULTS




Just to name a few.  These are lawyers who LOVE to go after Hanna and his minions.  Go get em!

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Happy to help.  While there are some JDB who you can defend pro-se and some have done it with Hanna he is such a slime ball that breaks the law repeatedly that it is VERY easy to find a consumer lawyer in Atlanta who is more than happy to take a case on contingency and go after him.  


Another reason to hire a lawyer (besides sleeping) is that GA changed its evidence laws at the beginning of this year and a few of the judges have allowed Hanna to manipulate them to his advantage and unprepared pro-se litigants get steam rolled.  DO NOT let him do it to you.

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