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HSBC has disappeared from my credit report

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Back in May 2010 I DV'D an account from HSBC. 2 months later I received a letter stating this would be taken off my credit within 60 days. What does this mean? Is it gone for good or are they going to pop up before the SOL is up in November? Thanks for any help!!

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if they haven't put it back yet...and it's been 3 years...chances are it ain't coming back.


if it DOES come back, the FCRA states that you have to receive a letter telling you such.


From the FCRA,

§ 611 Procedure in case of disputed accuracy [15 U.S.C. § 1681i] (a)(5)




(B) Requirements relating to reinsertion of previously deleted material.

(i) Certification of accuracy of information. If any information is deleted from a consumer's file pursuant to subparagraph (A), the information may not be reinserted in the file by the consumer reporting agency unless the person who furnishes the information certifies that the information is complete and accurate.

(ii) Notice to consumer. If any information that has been deleted from a consumer's file pursuant to subparagraph (A) is reinserted in the file, the consumer reporting agency shall notify the consumer of the reinsertion in writing not later than 5 business days after the reinsertion or, if authorized by the consumer for that purpose, by any other means available to the agency.

(iii) Additional information. As part of, or in addition to, the notice under clause (ii), a consumer reporting agency shall provide to a consumer in writing not later than 5 business days after the date of the reinsertion

(I) a statement that the disputed information has been reinserted;

(II) the business name and address of any furnisher of information contacted and the telephone number of such furnisher, if reasonably available, or of any furnisher of information that contacted the consumer reporting agency, in connection with the reinsertion of such information; and

(III) a notice that the consumer has the right to add a statement to the consumer's file disputing the accuracy or completeness of the disputed information.


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Does this have anything to do with being a Texas resident? I've been reading where Texas state consumer laws are much tougher than federal laws.

This is a rather LARGE sum of money and I'm shocked that nothing has popped up.

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I don't think so...but I'm not a Texas resident  :-)




So you are just wondering, yes?  Haven't gotten letters or anything...just like "It's been three years, wonder if it'll come back"?


But just because it's not on your CR anymore doesn't at all mean it's not uncolelctable.  You do know that.

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