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I have come to this site on occasion as a guest, but I'm fed up and ready to do something! No matter how much I try to pay down these accounts it seems they never get any better. So I'm here to ask the advice of 'professionals'!

I am currently on disability for a back injury and still bringing in OK money.. and I am planning to accept a new job in a couple of months. (I am getting better thank goodness). But my current employer is denying my Workman's Comp claim and I have hired a lawyer. I only tell you this to see if you think it will make a difference in my debt settlement. 

I have some money saved and can come up with more if needed to settle. We are planning to make a move soon and will need some of the money for expenses...... but I'm ready to sell things to settle this.

I am going through a short sale on my home, so my credit score is going down anyway... I feel now is the time to try to settle this ceaseless debt..... here are my stats and questions.....


Chase   $12056   12.24%

US Bank  $8535   

                  4730    4.99%

                  2000    11.99%

                  1887     16.99%

BofA     $6000       15.99%

Care Credit   $1665    14.9%


The debt is solely in my name, but my husband is a card holder of the BofA... it does not show up on his CR... can they go after his money or employment for this debt?

Will CC Co settle even if you have a job? 

I have read much about the workings and settlements with Chase, but not the others... how us US Bank on settlement? Also BofA?

I plan to start missing pmts next mo.... the wait to settle will kill me... Im ready!

Thank you in advance... I sure I will have more questions for you as time goes on...

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You live in Calif. which has a four year SOL. If the debts are beyond that since you paid on them, you will have a better chance of settling with an OC. If it's with a JDB, I would not even consider paying them or trying to settle. As far as I know, if you were to even settle with a JDB and tried to get a PFD, the OC would still reflect a CO on your TL. In other words, it would still reflect on your CR.


Remember, a JDB buys these account for pennies on the dollar and they make a killing if they get any where close to the amount owed. Anything less, they still make a nice profit. So, long story short. If the account is still with the OC you might try for a PFD if they will accept anything below full amount owed, but don't try with a JDB. They are never willing to put anything in writing, they just want the money.

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These accts are still with the OC... I have not missed any pmts yet.  But it is getting harder and harder to keep them going and not see any progress to paying them off. My mother is elderly and I am helping her. We are getting ready to make a move and need additional funds to relocate. I missed a couple of payments a few months ago as I went off of work and no money coming in. 


I appreciate all of the help this site has given and plan to use it to deal with this debt.  There are so many people/companies trying to get you to sign on for their debt reduction schemes... I almost fell for it!


How often does an OC deny a settlement?  Or is it just a matter of the %?


thank you...

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I understand they won't deal with me yet... It was just a general question. Do CC Co ever deny settlement to anyone? I am just starting the process now. Plan on dropping pmts starting next month. I will start the negotiation at 90 days. I have been reading the posts for some time now and I have a plan... now if the CC people will just do their part this should go well.. wishful thinking I know!

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