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Does Debt Validation Apply to 2nd Mortgage (residential)?

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2nd Mortgage(residential) used to be serviced by GMAC, LLC, which recently filed for bankruptcy---went on default since Feb 2009.  Assets bought by Ocwen  Loan Servicing, LLC which in turn sent a letter indicating the transfer, and gave us 30-days to dispute the debt.  Since the amount in their letter was much more than what we owe, I then sent a DEBT VALIDATION request which they have responded to saying:

Asset was charged off by GMAC in their records, please disregard the letter previously sent.


I have also filed a recent dispute with Experian and they came back with the result of investigation and have updated records to:

PAID, CLOSED, Written Off--- matching that of GMAC's.


Today I received a statement in the mail --- with amount owing to amount past due (in arrears).


Any thoughts on this?  


Thank you

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