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Debt Validation who do I send to


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I am new at this and in need of help. I have tried to read what to do on many sites and am more confused now.

Do I send a debt validation letter to each of the reporting agencies or do I send it to the debt collector?

I have to ask for signature verification?

Anything else should I do?


Also, how do I use a Florida statue of limitation to remove a debt?


Thanks all help is appreciated.


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I found it on my CR, it is an old debt from a bank for fees which a collection agency put it on my CR on Sep 2011

From looking around this forum it says to do a DV to the CRA first but all the sample letters are for CA. Does the CRA have to validate debt with proof of signature and documents?

Do I do a SOL to the CA? Will this remove the debt on the CRA's?

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