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Help Removing an Eviction Judgement from Credit Report

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Trying to help my daughter with an eviction jugement so she can get an apartment. She was going to pay the judgement, but the company that originally managed the property no longer manages it and they do not have any record of the judgement. They gave her the phone  numbers to the 2 collection agencies they would have reported to but they don't have her on file as owing them.


The new management company is in no way affiliated, the property has been resold.
The court won't remove the judgement without a release from the management company and no one will take her payment or write a letter stating she does not owe them.


How should we go about getting this taken care of? I feel we may only have 1 shot so want to make sure we address this correctly. If we file a dispute with the credit bureau they will investigate by contacting the court and they will say the judgement has not been satisfied.


Having dealt with the Big 3 they will pretty much ignore the fact that the company that originally filed the judgement does not acknowledge the judgement.


Thanks in advance!

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