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How's this for trying to re-age an old debt.

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I have to laugh at this one, but I think there are allot of unsuspecting people out there who fall for it.  So friend gets a letter in the mail from "Jefferson Capital Systems LLC"  GOOD NEWS! Their records indicate he is behind in his payments to Premier Bankcard, but he is eligible for Jefferson capitols "fresh start solution" program.  Just send them 50.00 a month, and they will reinstate his account, he will be eligible for the reward of a debt reduction credit, and a bonus of a credit card when the 50.00 payment is received in their office by 5/13/13.


Well isn't that special?  Especially since the card in question is at least 8 years ago.  How very nice of them.  Think he will apply today. (not). 


OH Jefferson Capitol is a debt collector as well as a creditor.  Probably had to be to have their "fresh start" program.  Yep it's a fresh start alright, knocking that SOL right out of the game, and letting Jefferson capitol  with  default judgments onward.

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