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JAMS pre telecon


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I can't edit or delete my previous post so I posted a new one.

I have a JAMS case against the OC and included the CA in my formal complaint.

They answered late and counterclaim for atty fees and alleged debt.

I filed an objection and ask for sanction.

I didn't answer their counterclaim or their request for atty fees.

If I am "denying" the alleged debt then they would not be entitled to atty fees, too.

The choice of law under contract is Utah.

The atty fees allowed in my state is better than Utah.

In special civil 5% of first $500 and 2% of the rest.

Based on contract 20% of the first $500 and 2% of the rest.

The alleged debt is $2k.

Shall I asked for my state law to be used?

Shall I also asked if the arbitrator would really allow CA to be respondents, too?

Or asked if I could file a motion to add them?

Shall I emphasized that we're using consumer standard and rules?

The CM allowed me to include the CA as respondents.

Any input would be appreciated.

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