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Everything filed with the court have to be in person?

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OK, here's a possibly silly question- does everything filed with the court have to be in person? For instance, If I don't get a response back to my meet & confer for a complete BOP by tomorrow, I will be filing a motion to compel. 


Here's my problem- my local court has closed the civil branch as of last month. So, I have to go to the main courthouse in San Bernardino for any filing, etc, which is about 50 miles away and I don't have a very reliable car to make the trip regularly for filing everything under the sun, etc. If it was just 50 miles, it wouldn't be a big deal, but a good part of that 50 miles is going down and back up one of the highest mountain passes in California, which is quite a strain on an older vehicle.


So, any idea if anything can be filed by fax, etc? Am I just stuck with the drive?


Thank you!

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I found this in the local rules for the San Bernardino County Superior Court:


The Superior Court of San Bernardino County hereby adopts Rule 2.300 et seq, of the California Rules of Court, allowing for the facsimile filing of civil documents.
A party may file by fax directly with the appropriate Court District using the facsimile numbers located on the court’s website at www.sb-court.org.
The Court will not accept any document in any location other than the clerk’s office of the Court District where the document is required to be filed. The first sheet transmitted shall be the Judicial Council Facsimile Cover Sheet (Fax Filing) (form MC-005.)  All applicable fees will be charged to the credit card provided on the cover sheet.
All facsimile filings received after 4:00 PM or on court holidays shall be deemed filed on the next court day.  Confirmation of the filing of the document shall be given by standard confirmation of facsimile machines.  The court will not fax a copy of the cover sheet back to the filing attorney or party.  (Eff. January 1, 2011.)




Hope this helps :-)


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