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Rubin Rothman , under Keith H. Rothman an Attorney and it's C.E.O. (N.Y. State bar Registration number 1419498), obtained a default judgment and bank levy against me with out having ever served me the summons.This Court order was obtained
three years after the State Statute of limitations. I successfully
proved this in Court . I found it mildly amusing that Rubin & Rothman repeatedly claim to have an A+ rating from the B.B.B. When in fact they have several
complaints cited against them many of which I've experienced myself. They are not even a member of B.B.B.

                    Through their business association with AAA
Attorney Service Co. of N.Y. under licensed Notary, Harvey Tauber
(No. 01TA4667012) as C.E.O. regularly used and directed disgraced
former Licensed Process server, Andrew Lindauer ( License number
0724538) ( ViolationNo. LL 5084162),( who surrendered his license in
a plea deal with The N.Y. City Dept of Consumer Affairs), falsely and
knowingly claimed to have served my" Wife Jane" on my
behalf. I was divorced and never married to anyone named Jane. My
situation is the rule rather than the exception. 

An internet search will show that this is a regular business practice of the individuals and corporations they run or work for. Just as an
example: Schuster v. Rubin Rothman, LLC Case 1:12-cv-04854-JG-RER,
Zweibel v. Rubin Rothman, LLC Case 1:13-cv-01407- ILG-RML, and Posner
v. Rubin Rothman, LLC Case 1:13-cv-01229-FB-RML. Mr. Lindauer had a
patter of cite "wives" with the letter J. Look over your
paper work. If Tauber notarized it and or Lindauer "served"
it you can get the case dismissed/discontinued. If you discover that
a bank levy or wage garnishment has been placed against you,
challenge it right away by filing with the Court an Affidavit to
Vacate a Default Judgement in a a consumer debt case. Go to
This cite will assist the pro per litigant in how to file the appropriate
action to defend themselves. Obviously you will have to add or
subtract what is relevant to your case and what is not. What will
happen next is that an Attorney/"Closer" will represent
Rubin & Rothman in Court. He/She will attempt to settle the debt.
DON'T DO IT! You will not see a Judge on the first visit to the
Court. The second time will be a repeat of the first visit. You will
be directed to a small conference room with a court Mediator and the
Attorney/"Closer for Rubin & Rothman. DO NOT ACCEPT THE
SETTLEMENT HE/SHE OFFERS! At this point the "Closer" for Rubin & Rothman will likely Discontinue the case. In my case he did just that as he bolted from
the Court room refusing to shake my hand. ( All class !). I am now
preparing to sue Rubin & Rothman, LLC, the Attorney service that
falsely claimed to have "served" my fictional Wife Jane, as
well as Capital One who had hired Rubin & Rothman to represent
them in the first place. My first two causes of action will be for 
U.S.C. §1692 ET.SEQ; 2. VIOLATION OF NYGBL § 349. 

While every case is different and some people may not feel comfortable
representing themselves It never hurts to consult with an Attorney
specializing in consumer/debtor rights. While I am an experienced
"Pro Per" I am not an attorney and therefore the
information I am relating is strictly an account of what I have done
and would do personally. You may want to review the cases I have
cited. I suggest the web site Docket Alarm. There is a modest fee for
each page but I found well worth it. Good luck.

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