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I had this company call repeatedly a number I don't ever disclose to anyone. They always block their number but eventually left a couple of voicemails and they were looking for someone I don't know.


In their messages, both callers pretend to be attorneys with a claim against an individual and ask him to contact their "firm".


There was no mini-Miranda warning about how they are trying to collect a debt and would use any information they receive for that purpose.


They left these 2 numbers:


888-582-2093 and 877-504-4793


I wanted to send them a cease and desist letter, but when I called them, they refuse to disclose their mailing address.


Not sure if I have legal standing to sue, but these clowns really need to be taken to court.


Does anybody have their address? Please notice there are many collection companies with "Accurate" in their name. Google and several reverse lookup services came back empty.


Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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they are a scam.  They try to tell people they owe for a payday loan.  Usually they sound like they are from india, thick accent.  try and block them, or tell them when they call no one at that number, quit calling.  Not alot you can do, they are not even in the US.

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