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Notice of Case Reassignment, OMG


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today, I received the Notice of Case Reassignment from CACH,LLC.

They(I dont' know it is the court or JDB) reassign the court's location where is almost 50 miles away from my home.

I want to do something to have it reassigned to near to my home.

what can I do? or, is there anything I can do?







superior court of california

county of los angeles

Notice of case reassignment  (file by fax)

please take notice that

1. A notice of case reassignment was issued in the above-entitled action whereby the case has been reassigned to ***********************, county of los angeles

2. this order is effective immediately.

3. plaintiff ordered to give notice

 Executed at LA, CA 4-24-2013


Mandarich Law Group, LLP


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You could argue that state law says they have to file in the county where the debt occurred on in the county where the defendant resides, it may not work though


I will try this to see. should I go to the new location or the old one(the one I went to CMC)?


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case number

Defendants opposition to case reassignment

Comes now the defendant(name), under the penalty of perjury and states the following;


Under California rules of trial procedure a case must be filed and heard in the county where the allegations either took place or in the county where the defendant resides.

(Put your state rule here)


(put a couple of case law cite to support your claim here)


(put a couple of reasons why it would cause you undue hardship here)


Wherefore the defendant prays upon the court not to reassign the case.


The motion is




being heard and adjudicated in the (original court) in and for the state of California, by his honorable judge ____________ on this __ day of _____ 20____

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