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Looking for a legal opinion on how to proceed.


We purchased a new car (Ford) six months ago.  The car came with a "trial subscription" of SirusXM.  Now that the trial has ended, I have received several calls wanting me to subscribe, to which I have declined.  They have not cancelled the subscription and now I have recieved a bill from them for payment of a two year subscription.


Do I send them a notice that I I do not recognize any relationship with them for this radio?  Am I legally obligated?


The complication is that I have another account with Sirius that I have had for about two years.  Do I cut off my nose to spite my face and cancel that account to get their attention?

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Sadly, SiriusXM customer service is not the best.  Call a second or third time if needed and you will likely get a person who knows what he/she is doing.


Do you access your account on their website?  Since you have the 'other' subscription, I recommend you visit your account online to see what they have listed in the way of 'active' subscriptions.  Years ago, I bought two lifetime subscriptions for $300 each (yeah, they were desparate).  Since then, I have gone 'round with them regarding an 'Internet' subscription.  After researching it, I found as a current subscriber, I could get all of their channels on Internet and Iphone for $25 per year.  It took three phone calls to get a person who knew about this "promo."


Short of accessing your account online, call them again until you reach someone who doesn't sound like a 14-year old.  They outsource their CS to Canada, and probably India if you call at midnight.


Good luck!



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