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Documents Against Midland Funding

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Hi.  I'm going to post up the redacted documents I used to win.  I'll add them as time permits.  Hope someone finds them useful.  :-D


PS, I'm not a lawyer or paralegal.  Everything in here is not done professionally but with the help of several other very kind people.  I got lucky and won.  I'm just sharing and trying to help anyone else.  But I have to say use at your own discretion.  Good luck.

Motin in Limine Sample.doc

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Excellent Sworn Denial.  Hope someone uses it.  In California, I would wait until 20 days before trial and do it at the same time as you subpoena the affiant of the Affidavit in Lieu.  That's what I did.  I don't know if it was the timing or what but they dismissed WITH prejudice.

Sworn Denial.doc

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