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Dealing with CA/JDB


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I decided to clean my CR up now rather than later. I have 3 CC i let go when i was younger and dumb which are now in collection. I have to CA/DJB in my CR which are Asset Acceptance, LLC and Cavalry Portafolio Services, the other company doesnt show so it might be under the original bank still, who knows.


Ive been reading up on asset and it doesnt inspire and positive vibe to say the least when dealing with them. I was thinking of sending them a DV which i already have made and have saved ready to print and take it from there. I see JDBs dont go for PFD options so i am asking for some help and guidance in the right direction before starting this endevour.


BoA/Cavalry acct opened 9/22/03, last pmt 10/2/09

Capital One acct opened 1/28/04, last pmt 10/1/09 now i have/had an orchard bank secured CC which just went to capital one as a regular CC. I would i go about taking care of old acct which i dont see CA/DJB on file or ever gotten a letter.

Citi Bank i cant see on my CR, the letter from Asset it shows they represent Citi but i cannot see it on any of my reports.


So what would be the best course of action here so i can begin this ordeal and get it over with.

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