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Collection Agency Tried reporting to Experian

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I received a dunning letter from a collection agency trying to collect on a paid-off utility bill. I responded to the dunning letter, then heard nothing from this company.


This bill was paid off at the time the utility company closed the account out. I pulled my credit report a couple days ago to do my semi-annual check and I saw this CA adding their tradeline to my experian report.


Of course, I was ticked off since I raised my score by 75 points in 6 months. I did an online dispute onMonday and yesterday I recevied back the results of my dispute and the CA deleted the tradeline effective immediately.


I checked the Experian report yesterday and the tradeline was gone.


Case in point. Check your credit reports a couple times a year to see if anything has changed or has been added to your report. The sooner you dispute, the easier it will be to get it deleted.


In my case, if they did not delete, I would have sued them for FDCPA violations.

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