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Hello -  Newbie here, have been reading as much as possible and learning a lot!


Here is the situation -


Starting 3 weeks ago, messages specifically for my wife have been left on voice mail at home and at my office (my wife does not work there, never has).  All the messages are the "This call is for XX, if you are not XX, hang up or disconnect my call.  By continuing to listen you are acknowledging you are in fact XX. My name is ....." and continues on - it does say 'this is an attempt to collect on a debt and all information obtained will be used for that purpose."  then they leave a name and telephone number, and sometimes - yes, only sometimes - they leave their company name (definitely a collection agency).  They do leave a Reference Number to use when we call back.


As of today, 3 weeks later, we have not received anything in writing, which my understanding is that per FDCPA they are to send out within 5 days of the initial communication (which from my reading can be a voice message).


We want to DV them, but how do we do that?  In researching the company name, I find several companies with similar names in different states.  In checking with my State's registry of licensed collection agencies, there are two firms with similar names, with the address of record for each license in two different states.


I have an idea which account it is (she only has one CC in her name alone) and all the messages are specifically for her, none include my name at all.


So do I send a DV to all the companies with the similar name, and just reference the 'Reference Number' left in the voice messages?


I guess my concern is that they could say they sent the required letter within the 5 days after initial communication, and it's just my word that we didn't get it...... and then we have missed our 30 window to send our DV letter.....


Your guidance is appreciated.







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Yes, they are supposed to send out a letter within 5 days of first contact.  But yes, since mail gets lost, they could easily claim they sent it.  Not much to sue over. 


I would pull your wife's credit to see if they are reporting.  If they are, call the number and get a) address B) name of person you talked to c) fax number.  


If they haven't sent you something, I would say you can still DV them.  In the same vein as my first statement, they can't prove they sent the first letter, so I would say that you still have the opportunity.  

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Thanks, Admin.


After the first few phone calls, we pulled her report - they are not showing at all, but funny thing, neither is that CC showing any more.  It was charged off last year.


I do see that inquiries have been made in the past 60 days by CACH and by Cavalry (do have two small joint cc's that are charged off and are still showing on credit report).  Have not had anything from these two companies, either - no phone calls or letters.

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