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I haven't been served yet but they filed a proof on non service

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Someone called today and said it was FedEx and they wanted my address to deliver a package.  It wasn't Fedex, I called fedex.  I know it was Pride Acquistions because I looked on the Orange County website and they filed a "Proof of Non Service"

What is that and what does it mean? 

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I am just wondering if they are going to reschedule the case management conference since I haven't been served. 


The way I found out about all this is because some mediator sent me a letter saying I may be sued by Chase and gave me the case # so I went and looked it up to see if it was true.  He wanted to mediate.


This is unsecured credit card debt


Summons issued and filed by Pride Acquisitions, LLC on 3/6/2013


case management conference scheduled for 8/05/13


proof of non service filed by pride acquisitions,llc on 5/14/13


Whoever Pride Acquisitions hired to serve me the papers has been calling me today..I am not answering the phone



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