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Dispute or more GW?

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Thanks to this forum, I have successfully removed several negative and inaccurate things on my CR. I have asked this question before but wanted to see if I could get any additional input as I don't want anything to backfire.

To make a long story short, I have a redeemed repo on my CR. I started sending the finance company GW letters and on 2 out of 3 CR's the negative status has become positive...no lates, no redeemed repo, paid as agreed, never late.

However, my TU CR still shows the redeemed repo and some of the payments are also being reported wrong. I would like to have the TL on my TU report updated positively or deleted. It has been suggested that I dispute the TL with TU.

My concern is if I do file a dispute with TU and the finance company/CRA starts an investigation, could my EXP and EQ reports change back to negative statuses? Would it be better to send out more GW letters and specifically ask for an adjustment to only the TU report?

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If the dates of the payments aren't accurate, dispute that fact with TU.  It'll be likely that they won't respond and thus the TL goes poof, especially since they've changed on the other 2 reports

After chatting with a contributor on myfico forums, I am not sure if the TL is reporting incorrectly or not. He said, the TL is reporting correctly. I'm still trying to decipher the CR.The TL is listed as:


Date updated: 10/05/2012

Last payment made: 10/05/2012

Payment received: $0

Pay status: Current; Paid or Paying as agreed

Date closed: 10/05/2012

High balance: $20,120 from 10/2010 to 3/2011; $20,210 from 06/2011 to 06/2011; $20,120 from 10/2012 to 10/2012

Remarks: Redeemed repo, closed


The car was repo’d 12/2011. All fees and payments were made and the car was redeemed. Since then, all payments have been on time. But RPO is being shown from 12/2011-9/2012 with the exception of the last month 10/2012 which reads:


Balance: $0

Amount due: $330

Amount paid: $0

Past due: $0

Rating: OK


Not sure why the amount paid is $0 when I made the last payment and received the title. Also, i am confused as to why none of the payments after the repo are being reported.

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I think most of the information is reporting correctly, but you still have a right to dispute if anything is inaccurate or unverifiable. Although the payment status seems ok, your payment history is not reflected. If the OC chose to report the last transaction to turn the account status to ok, it should have reported your monthly payments as well or not report an account status for all those months.


As Amerikaner83 suggested, it is unlikely the OC will verify the account after you dispute the payment history with TU.

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Thanks for all of your input. This could go either way. If the finance company doesn't verify, the entire TL will be deleted. Obviously, in this case, that would be great! After during some more research, I found someone in a similar situation who's goodwill letter caused the creditor to change all 3 CR's to a negative status. I really don't want that to happen. I need to order my TU credit score, see what my score is, and go from there. The redeemed repo was a little over a year and half ago. I imagine it's doing quite a bit of damage to my score. How does payment status vs payment history play into your score? As I mentioned above, the status is current; paid or paying as agreed. I am leaning towards disputing the payment history. We plan on purchasing a home in a year or two and I really don't want the redeemed repo to interfer with that.

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 How does payment status vs payment history play into your score?


I don't know for sure, but I think the scoring algorithm takes into account the number of months with a negative status (and how recent they are). Because the data furnisher failed to report your payments, the implication is that during all that time you made 0 efforts to pay. It cannot be a good thing. I can guarantee you it is not helping you. How much does it really affect your score? Who knows, but I don't think a data furnisher should get to pick and choose what to report.

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