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Law or Code pertaining to CA original creditor respnse to debt validation

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I am listed as a co borrower on a credit union credit line based in CA. I now live in TX. It is still with the original creditor. I have requested 3 times validaiton from the credit union that I signed for the account, which I did not, and instead keep receiving the same letter stating that " I was added to the loan in July 2006" which is true when I was added to my wifes checking account I was also added to the loan. I never signed for the loan and therefore do not believe I am responsible.

What are the laws pertaining to this debt validation given that the account is in CA and I am now in TX which states rules apply?

Should I attempt a debt settlement letter to close this account once and for all since it appears they do not read their  correspondance closely. If so, which states rules would apply?

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