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California: Default Judgement in 2010


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Is there any way to get a default judgement vacated and removed from the record after so long a time has passed?


We settled the bill before the default judgement was received.


Unbeknownst to us, the wheels were already in motion, and although the debt was settled in 12/2009, the original creditor was able to secure a default judgement in 3/2010.


There is evidence to suggest that an "acknowledgment of satisfaction of judgementt' was submitted in 2/2010, but was rejected by the court because there was no judgement at that time.


An EJ-100 was submitted and entered into the record in 10/2011.


Since the debt was settled before the default judgement was obtained, seems like there should be some way to have it removed, but I know there are short windows of time to address that.


If there is no way to have the judgement removed, can I request, successfully, the credit reporting agencies remove it from their records?


Thank you for any adive you can provide.

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You can check with the clerk for the form, but file a motion to vacate along with your proof the debt has been settled.  I doubt they will object to it if all the debt is paid.  If there is anything stil owing, they may object to it until the debt is completly paid.

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