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ND law good or bad? ...Should I switch?

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In fine-tooth combing an agreement, I came across a paragraph which stated disputes would be held under ND law, regardless of where I live.


I live in U*tah.


Is ND law an upgrade, and should I draw attention to the clause?  Or stick with where I am?



Many thanks!

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The only way to know if ND law is consumer friendly is to study and read some of the consumer protections.  Generally, speaking when one party is the creator of a contract or agreement, they may be choosing states that have laws that favor their business model.


Example:  I live in California, you don't see many large muti-national banks flocking the California to set-up business.  For all of California's issues, they do have pretty strong consumer protections.


Finally, if suit is brought against you in the state you live, your home state laws are more frequently the governing power.  Now if you are going to arbitration this could be very different, as I saw you had a post in that section of the boards....

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