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california lawsuit

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         I received a lawsuit that stated in the complaint CHASE  BANK USA NA [ the issuer ] issued a credit card in defendants name. After contacting Chase I found out that this was an old WAMU account that chase took over . Should it have been WAMU and not Chase stated as the issuer in the complaint.

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Nope, WAMU went belly up and chase assumed all of their accounts. BUT, this issue is raised over and over in lawsuits that people have chosen to defend.

In order for any job to win when defendant is challenging, they have to prove standing. That becomes a dubious task for WAMU aka chase cards. Some consumers challenge their standing based partly on that very thing.

We're you served? If so, and you want to join the rest of us pro se defendants, go post the specifics if your case in the thread "is there a lawyer in the house?" And you will get a little help on how to go about that.

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