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Here is a recap of my case info:





Just returned from court, and the judge stated: I find that the Plaintiff has not met its burden of proof. Judgment for the defendant!!!! This judge HATES pro se litigants with a passion!!!! Although it did not help that the Planitff's atty began INSTRUCTING the judge from a bench book!!!!! 


I will have to get back to you all with details along with all of the case law I used to fight with.  Thanks to Coltfan wherever you are!!!!!!! Everyone on this site has been so helpful in explaining things to this Arkansas Hick!!!!! 



Thanks to you all!!!! Just NEVER give up!!!!! ::travolta::



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I need to clarify what the order says:


Having heard and considered all the testimony and evidence presented, the Court finds that the Plaintiff did not prove liability on the part of the Defendant by a preponderance of the evidence. Wherefore, the Court Hereby dismisses Plaintiff's lawsuit With prejudice! 


So, this was a win on the merits alone! I am working on the details for everyone. Please bear with me. I am sooooo very swamped right now. I promise I will be back with a blow by blow from the courtroom!

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